Thursday, April 15, 2010

Vacation Haul

9:52 AM

Whenever I go to Daytona, I must stop at the CCO in St. Augustine on the way. They always have a great selection there, and this time did not disappoint. I picked up a few things that I had wanted previously, but didn't get the chance to get. Here is what I got......

Perfect Topping MSF

Perfect Topping came out last year with the Sugarsweet collection. That collection had two MSF's with it. This one and Refined. At the time I chose to buy Refined. Honestly, I don't know why I bought Refined instead of Perfect Topping. I hardly ever use Refined, and I can see me using Perfect Topping a lot. PT is a gorgeous pink and purple swirl MSF in the pan, and when applied it gives the skin a nice pink glow. I used it at the beach several times, and I love it!!

Naked Honey Salve

This came out with the Naked Honey collection last may. Its a salve that can be used anywhere the skin is dry and needs a little moisture. I use it on my lips, and it is great. It stays on and makes my lips feel very soft. The pan is huge with a lot of product in it, so it should last me a while. I'm glad I waited on this one though.

Golden Olive and Push The Edge Pigments

Golden olive is a permanent MAC pigment. It is a gold-green color, and it is very pretty. Whenever I see permanent MAC pigment that I like at a CCO, I pretty much always buy it. There is a reason though. Those of you who are MAC fanatics like me should know that MAC decreased the size of the pigment jar and the amount of product in while not dropping the price. This for me means that I usually won't buy a pigment for full price because its just not worth it. I have to really really love it!! I'd rather wait to get it in a CCO where the price is cheaper.

Push The Edge was released last year with the big fall collection. I wanted to wait on that one too, because I really like buying pigments cheaper than $19.50. I think I payed 13.75 for these. Anyways, PTE is a nice purple color. I love purples, so I knew I wanted it.

So, that is it for my haul. I think I got some cool things. Has anyone found anything good at a CCO lately?



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