Monday, January 12, 2009

Me as a redhead

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Thursday, January 8, 2009

One Of My Favorite New Artists

11:50 AM

When I first heard of Lady Gaga, I just knew I wouldn't like her type of music. Then she comes out on a song with New Kids On The Block. I really liked that track on their album. Then, suprise she's on tour with them. So this is my first real taste of her music. Some of the songs were catchy, but I really wasn't all that impressed. So I take a listen again on itunes, and bam I'm hooked. She's got a really different and unique sound. Her album is one of the best albums I've heard in a while. She does have a different look, but I think its cool. You can say what you want to about Lady Gaga, but she's freaking talented.

Hello Kitty Product Photos

10:31 AM

Here are the Hello Kitty Collection Product Photos:

Credits to:

Mac for Hello Kitty

10:11 AM

Okay, so as anyone who's been around me within the last couple of weeks knows. I'm totally excited about the Mac Hello Kitty Collection that's coming out in February. From the pictures I've seen, this is going to be a huge collection. I don't know if my wallet can take it. Gotta start saving now.

Here's the Color Story:


  • Cute Ster Sheer peachy pink with pearl
  • Big Bow Sheer bright intense blue pink
  • Fresh Brew Creamed coffee
  • Fashion Mews Sheer pale lavender
  • Strayin’ Frosty midtone mint
  • Most Popular Sheer deep berry


  • Sweet Strawberry Sheer berry with blue pearl
  • Mimmy Light creamy pink with pink and gold pearl
  • Nice To Be Nice Sheer bright intense orange with pearl
  • Nice Kitty Sheer neon pink with blue pearl
  • She Loves Candy Pale blue pink with gold pearl
  • Fast Friends Sheer bright intense purple with pearl

Tinted Lip Conditioner

  • Popster Lively coral pink
  • Pink Fish Soft neutral pink

Eyeshadow x 4: Lucky Tom ($38.00)

  • Stylin Midtone violet blue with multi-dimensional pearl
  • Lucky Tom Dark charcoal brown with gold pearl
  • Creme Royale Yellow wheast gold
  • Pardisco Soft bright pinky coral with golden shimmer

Eyeshadow x4: Too Dolly

  • Too Dolly Frosty midtone mint
  • Stately Black Rich blue with silver sparkle
  • Yogurt Soft pale pink
  • Romping Rich magenta with pink pearl

Glitter Eye Liner

  • Her Glitz Blackened gold with multi-dimensional glitter
  • Glitterpuss Orangey bronze with multi-dimensional glitter
  • Kitty Power Pink with with multi-dimensional glitter
  • Girl Groove Clear/white teal reflects and with multi-dimensional glitter


  • Milk Frosty pale silvery pink
  • Deep Blue Green Rich, deep bluish green

Reflects Glitter

  • Reflects Blue Sparkling blue
  • Reflects Very Pink Sparkling fuchsia pink

Nail Lacquer

  • Something About Pink Blue pink fuchsia
  • On the Prowl Light creamy grey
  • Vestral White Creamy white

Plush Lash

  • Plushblack Black

Beauty Powder Blush

  • Fun & Games Soft orange peach
  • Tippy Midtone blue pink

Beauty Powder

  • Tahitian Sand Soft coral peach
  • Pretty Baby Soft sunny pink with gold


  • Hello Kitty Lash Half lash with overlapping hairs to emphasize outer


  • Hello Kitty Tote ($45.00)
  • Hello Kitty Petite Makeup Bag ($22.00)
  • Hello Kitty Makeup Bag ($35.00)
  • Hello Kitty Soft Vanity Case ($55.00)
  • Hello Kitty Purse Mirror ($22.00)
  • Hello Kitty Brush Collection ($49.50)
  • Hello Kitty Mirrored Key Clip ($16.00)
  • Hello Kitty Beaded Bracelet ($34.00)
  • Hello Kitty Plush Doll ($42.00)

Available: February 12, 2009 in North America.

Credits to:

Pictures to follow.....

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The "Not Diet" Diet

4:34 PM

Hello Bloggers,

So, this week I'm starting on a Diet that's not really supposed to be a diet. I've heard that to truly stick to a "Diet", you have to call it a lifestyle change. So, as of Saturday I'm officially on a lifestyle change. So how is this going to be different from all the other "lifestyle changing" changes I've tried before. Beats you and me. To be truly successful on this journey, I guess I have to change my mind set. Its always hard picking yourself and trying again, but to officially change my lifestyle, I'm going to have to admit mistakes. So this is my arena to admit mistakes. I've learned from previous successes and mishaps and am ready to start this long journey again.

So over the next few months and hopefully years, this is going to be my output to celebrate successes and admit mistakes. I'm thinking if I have to be accountable to my blog, than I can be honest with myself about my struggles with weight loss. So the journey begins....

Until next time...

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Ok So Mac Never Does This....

12:00 PM

25% off of EVERYTHING online!!! Woohoo, I think Mac's only done this like one other time last year. Just in time for the new collection Brunette Blonde Redhead. Miss Kera knows she's excited. Oh, one must need the code....


Update: Mac is postponing the launch of BBR until Friday. Crap!!

Monday, January 5, 2009


11:07 PM

First off, my name is Kera. I'm addicted to all t
hings beauty and music. I'll be using this blog as a way to upload fotd's, hauls, reviews, and other randomness. I'm a mac fanatic, so most of the beauty entries will be dedicated to that brand. Other brands I like include Urban Decay, NYX, Too Faced, and Napoleon Perdis. I'm also using this blog as an effort to track my weight loss journey. Trying to start the new year off right. Also, random pics of the only man in my life (My Shih Tzu Mojito) will be uploaded often. So until next time...

Peace, Love and Happiness

Oh, and this is me: