Tuesday, September 15, 2009

No Mascara a Trend for Spring 2010?

11:57 AM

Hi Ladies,

I saw this on Twitter, and caught my attention today so I had to comment on it. Glamour Beauty provided a link to something that is catching on at Fashion Week in NYC this week. They say that a big trend for spring 2010 is going to be wearing no mascara. Here is the original link to the post on Glamour's website:

I don't know about you, but I could not go without mascara. It is an everyday staple in my makeup stash. Some days I have forgotten to put mascara on, but I would always head to my nearest drugstore to pick up a tube. I just don't think that this is a trend that will catch on. I have seen some trends that I absolutely love, but this one...not so much!!

While on the topic of mascaras. I have a question for all my (10) readers.....What is your favorite mascara? Also, do you think drugstore mascaras are better than high end? I personally love my drugstore mascaras, and I don't see the point in spending big bucks for something that I have to throw away in 3 months. I would rather spend my money on eyeshadow. That's just me, what do you think?

Until next time...

Love, Peace, and Happiness!!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Small MAC Haul

12:25 AM

Hey Everyone,

Hope you all are having an awesome weekend. For me its a laid back weekend with nothing really planned. This past week I got a chance to finally check out the MAC Makeup Art Cosmetics collection. I know I am like a month late (not really), but I just got the funds I needed to buy things. I knew from looking at specktra that I wanted the Photo Realism quad and Fuchsia glitter. I also wanted the Violet Trance eyeshadow, but when I swatched it, the color was kind of chalky and not very pigmented. I had heard that you have to work with this shadow to make it really show up. I still may pick it up at some point, but for now I left without it. I just picked up what I planned. Here are some photos of both of these items.

Photo Realism Quad:

The Colors in this quad are:
Photo Realism - Gold shimmer with gold pearlized pigments (Frost)
Fresh Approach - Cool mint green (Veluxe Pearl)
Image Maker - Mid-tone grey green (Frost)
Grey Range - Deep blue green (Veluxe Pearl)

Fuchsia Glitter:

My Thoughts:

I really like both of these items. When I first used the quad, I honestly thought I was going to be returning it. I just was not impressed initially. I had seen all these great looks with the quad, so I was dissapointed that I didn't like it. Today I decided to give it one last shot, and I am glad I did. I made a complete 180, and the quad has grown on me. I'm not really used to wearing green eyeshadows, but its growing on me. Even though, I don't really consider this quad to be true green colors. I used the shadows in a different way than I had at first, and that made the difference. The colors are really pretty, and I can't wait to do a smokey eye with the quad.

As for the glitter, I have not used it yet. I do love the color though. The only problem I have with it is that I do not understand the name. The glitter clearly is not a fuchsia color. It looks completely purple to me. I think MAC missed the ball with this one with not naming it purple glitter. I think its going to be fabulous for a night out though. Its a great glitter!!

This collection was huge, as most of the MAC fall collections are. There are a couple of things I still want from this collection, so I'll be back with another haul soon.

Until next time.....

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Ins and Outs #2

10:59 PM

Its time again for Ins and Outs. Its a little late now that August is over, but better late than never. So here it comes.

  • Glitter: I absolutely adore glitter. Lately, I have been obsessed with buying MAC reflects glitters. I'll admit that though I don't use them everyday, I buy them because they are so pretty to look at. Glitter is perfect for a night out, and I love using it for a smokey look. Just a note that the MAC glitters are not eye safe, so use with caution. However, I have never had a problem with using them on the eyes. Here's a recent look where I used Reflects Very Pink:

  • Fall TV Premiere's: I for one am a Grey's Anatomy fanatic, and I'm so excited about it coming back for its new season soon. There are also several other shows that I am excited about, but its too much to list. Don't get me wrong I'm sad to see summer go, but fall represents my favorite shows are coming back on. 
  • Pink Lipsticks: Pink has become my go to color for lips. My lipstick collection is just beginning to grow, as I used to be strictly a lip gloss girl. I love the look of smokey eyes, and light pink lips. Its hot!!
  • Style Black Collection: This collection of all things black looks amazing. Now, not the black lipstick but the eyeshadows look great. I must pick up that purple eyeshadow Young Punk. Also, Volcanic Ash Exfoliator is coming back, and I will not miss out on it this time around. The visuals are stunning for this collection. It's gonna be a hot one!!
  • Summer: So sad to see summer go. It was a great one!
That's it for now. I racked my brain to think of more outs, but I couldn't think of one thing. I'm thinking I may change this up to "Favorite Products of the Month", or I may do both. Haven't quite decided yet.

Until next time....

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

CCO Haul and FOTN

6:05 PM

Hey Ladies,

How has everyone been? Its been a busy couple of weeks for me. I've started grad school, and between that and my everyday job I have been super busy. I went to the CCO a couple of weeks ago, and picked up a couple of things. I got two glitters and a lipstick.

Here's what I picked up:
Reflects Antique Gold
Reflects Purple Duo
Ahoy, There! Lipstick

Reflects Antique Gold
: I absolutely love this glitter. The color is described as a Sparkling taupe, and it is absolutely gorgeous. I use this in two different ways. One as an eyeshadow, which I'll post as a FOTN later on in the post. Also, I can use it with lotion, and it makes my skin sparkle.

Reflects Purple Duo: This color is described as a sparkling rich purple, but it looks more blue to me. I haven't had a chance to use it yet, but it is a pretty color. I'm thinking that I am going to use this with Cobalt eyeshadow. I don't know yet.

Ahoy, There!: This is a gorgeous bubble gum pink glaze lipstick. It has quickly become my favorite lippie for smokey eye looks. It's also great for daytime. I work in a school, so I can't wear makeup that's too extreme, and this lipstick is perfect for me. Does anyone have any requests of colors that are similar? Trying to build my collection of pink lipsticks


Later on that night after my trip to the CCO was my dad's birthday party. I used my new products for this look. I got the idea for the eyeshadow from itsjudytime on youtube. I really like how this turned out.

Products Used:

Mineralize Satinfinish nc44
Mineralize Skinfinish Med/Dark
Prep and Prime Translucent Powder

NARS Super Orgasm Blush
Irridescent Powder Belightful

Reflects Antique Gold (Foiled with Fix+)
Carbon Eyeshadow
Femme Fi
Loreal Liquid Liner Carbon Black
UD Zero
Rimmel Sexy Curves

Ahoy, There!
Steppin' Out d/g

Here come the pics:

Thanks for looking!! This was one of my longer posts, as I didn't want to separate into two posts. I have some great posts lined up for the next couple of days. Up next is Ins and Outs #2!!

Stay tuned....