Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The "Not Diet" Diet

4:34 PM

Hello Bloggers,

So, this week I'm starting on a Diet that's not really supposed to be a diet. I've heard that to truly stick to a "Diet", you have to call it a lifestyle change. So, as of Saturday I'm officially on a lifestyle change. So how is this going to be different from all the other "lifestyle changing" changes I've tried before. Beats you and me. To be truly successful on this journey, I guess I have to change my mind set. Its always hard picking yourself and trying again, but to officially change my lifestyle, I'm going to have to admit mistakes. So this is my arena to admit mistakes. I've learned from previous successes and mishaps and am ready to start this long journey again.

So over the next few months and hopefully years, this is going to be my output to celebrate successes and admit mistakes. I'm thinking if I have to be accountable to my blog, than I can be honest with myself about my struggles with weight loss. So the journey begins....

Until next time...


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