Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ins and Outs 1

7:06 PM

Okay, so i've totally neglected my blog once again. I'm gonna try my best to not do this anymore. Slowly getting new followers (Hi!!), so I must give you something to read. Let's start a monthly feature. This a staple of many beauty blogs that I read, so why not. May I kindly present: Ins and Outs for the month!!

  • New Hair: Just got out of the salon and got my roots done a little lighter. I'm in love!!
  • MAC MSF in Smooth Merge: One of the new msf's from the colour craft collection. It's gorgeous, and gives my skin such a pretty highlight. Its not glittery like msf's can have the reputation of being, but instead it gives an ethereal glow.
  • Real Houswives of Atlanta: Starts on Bravo tonight, and i'm super excited to watch. It's nice to see my city of residence featured in a television show.
  • Tax Free Shopping: Oh yes, its tax free weekend in Georgia. Lots of shopping will be done.
  • Illamasqua: My new obsession. A product focus will be up soon on this new brand to the states. Looking to make my first order soon.
  • Weight Loss: When I first started this blog, I was gonna feature a weekly blog about my weight loss endeavors. Well, I totally never did. I recently started a regimen, and i'll be getting those updates going way soon. Helps me to be accountable.

  • Fall: Well, technically its not really out but its coming. I love summer, and it just went by way too fast.
  • Pigments: Now I do love my pigments, but lately I could not be bothered with using them. With the summer heat, and the work it takes to apply pigments I've been going for something more simple. I'll get back on a pigment kick soon cause they are gorgeous.

Well, that's it for this addition. Another blog to come soon.



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