Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Ins and Outs 3 and Update

10:36 PM

Hey Everyone!!

How have you all been? I know we're already out of September and into October but here is my new installment of Ins and Outs.

  • Natural Makeup: It seems that lately, all I have been rocking makeup wise is foundation, blush, and mascara. With working in a school, dramatic makeup really doesn't work. Plus I like to sleep in, so this is usually my routine during the week. On those days when I do put on eyeshadow, I use a minimal amount. I think an upcoming post will be my everyday makeup look. Also, I'm thinking about doing day to night looks possibly.
  • All of the Style Black Shadows: The Style Black collection was on my ins and outs list last time, and this was before the collection actually released. With seeing it in person, and getting my items this collection did not disappoint. In fact, my next post will be a haul and review of Style Black.
  • Hello Kitty Quad in Lucky Tom: On those days when I do use eyeshadow, this quad is what I reach for most. I use the lightest color Creme Royale on the lid and Paradisco in the crease. Add black eyeliner and mascara and that's it.
  • Being sick: Working with the little one's isn't the best for you're immune system. This month I have spent over half of it with a cold. The kids are awesome, but when you teach preschoolers and kindergarteners, they don't know what covering your mouth means just yet. Anyways, their a joy to be around but sickness just comes with the job title. This takes me to my first out of the month.
  • Exercise: Starting a diet regimen most always mean exercise. When I first started trying to change my eating habits, I was doing well. I would hit the gym 3-4 times a week, and now that I have started working and grad school I seem to never have time for it anymore. Add the fact that I've been sick, and you get not going to the gym for over a month. Somehow I have managed to keep off what I have lost, but I know that I'm not going to without getting back into the exercising bit. Ok, enough blabbering I will save that for another post.
I can't think of anymore outs at the moment, so I am going to end here. I've been thinking long and hard about the fact that when I started this blog I was going to make it about my weight loss journey too. To date, I only have one post about that and its the starting post. I really need to get in gear, but lately I have been so uninspired. When I actually have time to sit and blog, I can't get the words out. I'm seriously gonna start my weight loss blogs this month.  Come with me on my journey of getting healthy while looking fabulous. I want and NEED to do this....

Until next time.....


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