Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Question for all my Readers?

3:47 PM

I need you're help. As I'm getting more and more views, I want to make posts that you like to read. I feel like all I ever do is write about hauls, and that just gets pretty boring. So, here's what I need. You can leave it as a comment to this post or shoot me an email. Let me know what types of posts that are interesting to you. Whether it be more fotd or fotn looks, favorites, reviews, weight loss accomplishments and setbacks, collection posts, whatever. This would really help me know that I'm reaching someone out there.

Thanks a bunch...

Up next should be Favorites of the month!


jackieg02 said...

I personally don't have a problem with haul posts. I also like seeing collections and fotd's. Weight loss would be nice too. But its your blog, so do what you want!

Carebear said...

Thanks for the input!!

witoxicity said...

Personally, I like FOTDs, but I agree with jackieg02 - it's your blog. You call the shots. :)

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